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Electronic Hydrometer
Specific Gravity/Liquid Density Monitor


Density Analytics is the manufacturer and distributor of the new SGU-100 digital electronic hydrometer that functions as a sophisticated specific gravity/liquid density monitor for process operations.

This new device replaces ordinary glass bulb and optical refractometer hydrometers which are static measuring devices that are both time and labor intensive and are limited in range, utility and functionality.

This electronic hydrometer has an in-tank, drop-hang (4-100 feet), submersible probe that measures, monitors, records, controls specific gravity/liquid density during a mixing, blending, fermentation, distillation, or plating operation. Optional output capabilities are 4-20 ma analog output or dual 5 amp relays for real time measurement and process control operations for time and cost savings.

The digital readout can be programmed to read in the user’s preferred engineering units (sgu, gm/cc, % alcohol, brix, baume, etc.) Overall density range from .7 gm/cc to 1.2 gm/cc — custom ranges are available. Probe head can be purchased separately for users with PLC or data loggers and a separate 5 vdc power supply.

The Specific   Gravity  Liquid  Density  Monitor  operates on a mathematically characterized spring-mass system with a patented linear Hall sensor proximity detector.



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